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Charming cottage by-the-sea with an entry way of wisteria gives me an opportunity to stop & smell the flowers!

Wisteria Cottage Pathway 3-25-2013 WATERMARK

Wisteria Practice 5-18-2014 - 6 WATERMARK

Wisteria flower blossoms remind me of snap dragons or sweet peas, but grow in cascades like grapes on a vine.

Wisteria Bloom from Trellis 3-2013

Wisteria flower Japanese brush paintings on practice calligraphy paper.


Wisteria Etegame 5-2014 WATERMARK

Japanese brush painting – Etegami Postcard

The flowers bloom prior to the fern-like leaves coming in.   Look at tiny the leaves are!

Wisteria Vine with Brand New Leaves 3-2013 WATERMARK

Wisteria Practice 5-18-2014 - 4 WATERMARK

Tightly closed flower buds become individual flower buds.  When these amethyst beauties open, they become glorious flowers.

After wisteria flowers bloom, tiny seed pods appear.  The seed pods look like pea pods with a fuzzy white coating of “hair”.  One of the magical things is that these pods burst open at the end of summer.  During a hot, sunny day you can hear the pods “popping” open very loudly.  This popping of the seed pod throws the seeds with such a huge force that the pod actually corkscrews.  As the pod dries, it turns into a brown fuzzy corkscrew.  Nature is so fascinating!

Wisteria Practice 5-18-2014 - 1 WATERMARK


Wisteria Practice 5-18-2014 - 7 WATERMARK


Lovely wisteria flowers.  Lavender petals cascading down like the flowers on a geisha’s hair pin.

Bees, butterflies & birds all pay their respect & dance at the beauty of Wisteria flowers.  My brush dances when I paint wisteria flowers!

Wisteria & Swallow Chinese Practice Paper 5-2014 WATERMARK