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October Art Journal - Page 86 W

MIDDLE OF OCTOBER IN SAN DIEGO – I spent some time at the Famosa Slough, a bird sanctuary in Point Loma where I observed Great White Egrets feeding & a group of Black Neck Stilts.  Famosa Slough is a wonderful marsh area, which used to be completely filled with trash & was cleared out by volunteers & turned into a lovely respite for migrating birds.  At the beach a man piled stones one on top of the other in a balancing act.  The sunset was cloudy due to rain one day, but on another day I turned to look at the amber sunlit bluffs & caught the stunning reflection in the mirrored low-tide sand.  Beautiful.  Pelicans carried branches around at the La Jolla Cove pretending they are nest building.  I photographed piles of fresh giant kelp at the beach, which made me think of woven tapestries.  A seagull sitting by a sand castle made me smile.  It was as if the seagull had built it just for me!   San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition had their annual dive film events & I went both nights.  I have spent my life by the sea, but seeing the life under the sea is simply astonishing.  A video this year of sperm whales simply took my breath away.  Another video morphed an artists octopus art with the real deal.  The illustration here of a clownfish in an anemone, will always remind me of a film that asked the question “Where is Nemo?” & answered it with “In the aNEMOe!”.  

October is my birthday month so I spend time reflecting on my life.  It has been more than a decade for me since I had an accident that prevented me from working, but gave me a small disability income.  I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to live a life by the sea that is filled with the adventure of learning about the things I love & spending time being an artist.  Who knows what the future will bring?  All I know is that I have lived a very simple life with few material things, but with many riches of the beauty in this world.  I really couldn’t ask for more.  


GREAT WHITE EGRET CATCHING FISH FOR DINNER – Famosa Slough bird reserve.  San Diego, California.