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THE AZURE WATER SHIMMERS IN THE SUN, THE REEF ROCKS ARE EXPOSED AT LOW TIDE & THE HARBOR SEALS ARRIVE TO REST & NURSE THEIR NEW BORN PUPS.  It’s not just beautiful, it is a little piece of paradise for your eyes & soul to breathe into your heart.


It is another beautiful day in La Jolla, San Diego.  The sea shimmers like an aqua jewel.  The California Brown Pelicans roost on the top of a large rock.  The pelicans wear their bright red & green winter breeding plumage, which adds a splash of color to the sea blue landscape.  I am breathless with the beauty.  High tide has arrived, but I walk out onto the seawall anyway.  The huge waves are breaking over the seawall & quickly I am soaking wet.  My shoes are sloshing with seawater & I don’t care.  I am getting a close up view of a little harbor seal pup named “Mighty Mouse” who has come up onto the beach with her mom to take a nap.  I watch as mom gives her pup a little nip of affection & the pup settles in for a nap.  I can see the tiny seal pup’s delicate claws on her flippers.  These harbor seals that live their lives in the sea, but come up onto the beach to rest allow me to share their world just a bit.  I am so grateful.  Suddenly a large wave comes up onto the beach & the sleeping harbor seal pup is snuggled by the sea even as she naps.  A sea lullaby calling the pup to come for another swim.  I carry this beauty in my heart.


San Diego Christmas landscapes by the sea.  Lately the days have been a chilly 62 degrees, which reminds us that it is Winter in San Diego, but we know that days of 70 degrees are just around the corner & Christmas Day is always a sunny day to walk on the beach.  Super high tides have created crashing high-tide waves & the Ocean Beach & Pacific beach piers shake with the pounding surf.   Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach is decorated with wreaths & a giant Christmas tree at the end.  After sunset tiny white fairy lights sparkle along the entire length of the pier & the tree is a beacon of light.  Ocean Beach has their traditional giant Christmas tree on the beach decorated with inflated beach balls & art that local school children have made.  California Brown Pelicans play with branches as their plumage changes to brilliant Winter breeding colors of red & green.  The pelicans change the spots they sit in on the bluff to soak up the sun.  I start wearing sweats & make sure I have a jacket with me.  The California Harbor seals are pregnant & soon there will be adorable pups to delight us.  The California Sea Lions climb up to the top of the bluff to stay warm & dry as they nap.   Sunsets this time of year are breathtaking because often  there are real clouds in the sky (instead of Coastal fog).  At the end of the short Winter day, the sun goes down in a ball of fire & the sky lights up with such vivid jewel-tone colors that my eyes can hardly take in the beauty.  Nature creates spectacular special effects sunsets with her brilliant color palette to send us home to cozy beds with sweet dreams of the sea.