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Summer’s Almost Here – Time to Get New Flip Flops for Walks on the Beach!

Maybe it’s time to go to Randall’s Sandals in Pacific Beach to pick up a new pair of flip flops for your summer walks on the beach! And if you don’t yet have my book “A Guide To San Diego Sea Shells”, you can purchase one at Randall’s Sandals and take it with you to the beach!


WALKING OUT ON CRYSTAL PIER ON A SUMMER’S DAY – I can see the crowds of people on the beach, but they are far away while I’m out here on the pier.  Crystal Pier has small cottages, which are available to rent.  Walking under the pier & looking up I can see the sun streaming thru the boardwalk above.  I’m humming that old classic song by The Drifters:

“Oh when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof
And your shoes get so hot you wish your tired feet were fire proof
Under the boardwalk, down by the sea, yeah

On a blanket with my baby is where I’ll be1

(Under the boardwalk) out of the sun
(Under the boardwalk) we’ll be havin’ some fun
(Under the boardwalk) people walking above
(Under the boardwalk) we’ll be falling in love
Under the boardwalk, boardwalk”

Read more: The Drifters – Under The Boardwalk Lyrics | MetroLyrics


BEACH ART – Sometimes nature leaves arrangements on the beach that are so beautiful.  This Frog sea shell & seaweed are gorgeous.  Other times people give nature a helping hand.  Two very creative little girls created a giant heart out of cobblestones & seaweed.  Next to it they made a sort of “nest” out of sand & Surf grass with cobblestone “eggs”.  All in all a delightful day at the beach!