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August Art Journal - Page 76 W

ART JOURNAL PAGE FROM AUGUST – Spending time walking in Pacific Beach I spotted a Western Seagull picking up a clam & dropping it over and over.  The gull just couldn’t understand why the clam wouldn’t open on the soft sand, but he sure tried to get it open!  Lunch at Ki-s Restaurant in Cardiff By-the-Sea next to the high-tide lagoon with the train trestle & Snowy Egrets was lovely.  I attended a photography workshop at a friend’s home in Leucadia & her home is right on the bluff above the ocean.  The view of the ocean from above is beautiful, but It is a long way down rambling steps to get to the sea!  In Pacific Beach, the “Stone Man” stood as stoic as ever just watching the sea.  I have given this rock naturally shaped by the sea & wind  the name of “Stone Man” because at just the right time of day with a certain light you can see the “Stone Man” face.  Every time I walk on the beach now I carry a bag & pick up trash.  Sunglasses, glow sticks, straws, beach toys, hats, flip flops it all ends up in the sea as plastic pollution unless we pick it up.  It is a lovely life by-the-sea in San Diego.




SAN DIEGO AUTUMN brings sunny days at the beach in October & a very pleasant 76 degrees.  With El Nino predicted to arrive this winter, the water temp is still 72 degrees.  Coming down the road to the beach in Pacific Beach, the ocean view makes my heart sing.  There is a pile of flip flops left at the ramp by people walking or surfing.  The wave sets are rolling in this morning & there are lots of surfers.  I walk to look at the shorebirds & the Marbled Godwits chatter at each other.  I find some sand art created by the tide that looks like a Phoenix Rising.  The sand art bird even has 3 toes on each bird foot!  I can’t stay away from the beach today so I return before sunset, but this time I’m in La Jolla.  One pelican sits in the amber light on the bluffs & a squadron of pelicans flies home over the green gazebo.  The high tide waves break up against the golden bluffs & the sky in the distance casts an interesting light.  I take a photo of the coast there near Shell Beach & it looks like an oil painting.  The sun sets.  We all sigh.  Life is lovely at the beach.


BY THE WIND SAILORS (Velella velella)  WERE ALL OVER THE BEACH THIS WEEK IN SAN DIEGO.  When I went whale watching a few days ago, the Mola Mola Sunfish were eating lots of them.  There were also millions of Red Pelagic Crabs swimming in the sea.  They look like tiny lobsters!  Both of these marine creatures are showing up here now because of warming in the ocean so we don’t get to see them all the time.  On the whale watching trip I also saw 2 fin whales come up right next to the boat.  Lovely.