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ONCE IN AWHILE SUNSETS ARE SO GLORIOUS THAT THE LIGHT SEEMS TO FILL OUR HEARTS & SOULS.  We linger at the beach watching the golden become amber then purple, then pink.  And still we stay wanting this light to fill our heart, our minds, penetrate every cell in our bodies to heal us, to bring us joy & to carry with us always.  I carry this beauty in my heart.  


A BIT OF SUNSHINE – Running into my local grocery store, my eye catching on a display of tropical fruit, so exotic & luscious.  The stuff of Tahiti dreams and sea voyages to sunny islands.  & then stopping at a Thrift shop a bed of Poppy flowers gently waving in the breeze, their fairy flower petal skirts looking like a garden-party waiting to be.  Lovely bits of sunshine added to my day.

44 years ago I first arrived in Sunny California, coming from a season of Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer to a land of perpetual Summer.  & the day my plane touched down it was January and California poppies were in bloom.  I’m so very grateful that I am lucky enough to live here!

SUN KACHINA PAINTING – Watercolor – A little SUN for everyone!

Hopi SUN Kachina 12-26-2013 WATERMARK


“The central theme of the kachina [religion] is the presence of life in all objects that fill the universe. Everything has an essence or a life force, and humans must interact with these or fail to survive.”

Kachinas are spirits or personifications of things in the real world. A kachina can represent anything in the natural world or cosmos, from a revered ancestor to an element, a location, a quality, a natural phenomenon, or a concept. There are more than 400 different kachinas in Hopi and Pueblo culture. The local pantheon of kachinas varies in each pueblo community; there may be kachinas for the sun, stars, thunderstorms, wind, corn, insects, and many other concepts. Kachinas are understood as having humanlike relationships; they may have uncles, sisters, and grandmothers, and may marry and have children. Although not worshipped, each is viewed as a powerful being who, if given veneration and respect, can use their particular power for human good, bringing rainfall, healing, fertility, or protection.

Kachina dancers, are masked members of the tribe who dress up as kachinas for religious ceremonies, and kachina dolls are given as gifts to children.  – Wikipedia

 SUN KACHINA or TAWA KACHINA – Tawa is a representation of the spirit of the sun.  The sun kachina has an important part in Hopi myth, as the sun god was one of the founders of the Earth and appears in a number of myths about creation. One myth explains sun god Tawa and the Earth goddess Kokyanwuhti were the only two beings that existed, with the former controlling the powers above and the latter in charge of the magic below. They created the Earth, to be in the middle of their two power zones, and all its inhabitants.