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Here are instructions to make your own art journal, which can be mailed!  For this sample I glued used stamps on outside of the envelope.  The red address label was created with Martha Stewart Living “rubber” stamps & the tape is Washi tape.  The sturdy brown paper was purchased at Home Depot – $10 for 185 yards!  This paper is in the paint section and is used to put on the floor during construction or painting.  The paper inside the art journal is inexpensive watercolor paper.  I draw with a Uniball pen & use watercolors to illustrate my journal.  You can glue a mini envelope on the first page & make a tiny gift card for the recipient.  If you travel, I think it would be fun to mail it home to yourself from where you were so you could have the stamps & postmark from the country you were in.  Have fun!


ANOTHER MESSAGE ART JOURNAL – This one is illustrated recipes from Venice, Italy.  I created this art journal as a birthday gift for someone special who visited Venice & loved the food.  I found these recipes in my Venice source file, which had an article from a cooking magazine that featured Venice food.  

Note:  I have a 4-drawer file cabinet with magazine articles & photos filed by subject.  I have collected and filed magazine photos for 30 years and have a pretty good source of inspiration to use for my artwork that is quickly and easily accessible.  I probably have 75 files of just photos of different birds and maybe 100 files for flowers.  Magazines have such gorgeous photos and are a wonderful resource for artists.


MOLESKIN ART JOURNALS HAS A NEW MESSAGE ART JOURNAL, WHICH CAN BE MAILED.  Since I make all my own art journals, I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t make one like this one.  I created an envelope template & glued watercolor pages into the art journal.  It costs about $1,50 to mail the journal.  I sealed the envelope with washi tape so the journal could be opened easily without ripping it open.  I’ve made 3 of these so far, this Farmer’s Market art journal, one called “Wish” & one with Venice recipe’s for my son’s birthday card.  It’s really fun doing quick illustrations with a pen & adding watercolors.  I’ve made 4 more blank journals to play around with, too!  Oh, by the way the brown paper I used I bought in Home Depot in the paint section – it is thick brown paper used to lay down on floors for construction or painting projects.  A roll of it is about 4 feet high, it has 185 feet and costs $10 !