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PART OF LEARNING CALLIGRAPHY IS TO PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  It used to be that you could practice your calligraphy addressing letters, writing out bills/checks, etc.  Now with email, social media and on-line/automatic payments, it can be a bit harder to find a way to practice your new calligraphy skills.  Here’s an idea!  Cut out some favorite photos from magazines and glue them to notebook paper.  Write some words underneath the photo to inspire you to practice your calligraphy.  By the time you fill up a few pages with these inspirational words, it is likely you will be writing almost the entire alphabet.  Another idea might be to glue small magazine pictures to blank cards & write your practice calligraphy words below.  Voila’ you have practiced your calligraphy & have a greeting card to send to a friend!  Write on!



I can’t remember where I heard this wonderful parable, but I loved it enough to make it it the focus in my daily art journal on August 2, 2011.  

August 2, 2011 WATERMARKWhat I love about this parable is that we all have our fatal flaws, our imperfections that annoy ourselves and probably annoy others, too.  If we take our character flaws & make them our trademark, we will learn to love ourselves just the way we are.  This can actually change the imperfections in ourselves to being accepted as a “quirky” person & make us lovable to others, too.  I believe part of this process of accepting ourselves just the way we are is learning the ability to laugh at our flaws (while still striving to become a better person).  Criticism from others about our flaws then just rolls off our back (hearts) because, guess what, we have learned to love ourselves.  Flaws & all.  I need to remember to “water my art” with my imperfections!


Art Inspiration with an Owl House & Stuffed Cat

Owl house with cat 8-2013Window shopping is so much fun and taking a photo of what delighted me allows me to have the image of what inspired me and made me feel some emotion.  & it’s free!  Inspiration for my painting comes from all sorts of sources – nature and today this owl house with a stuffed cat on top.  This shop is SOLO in Solana Beach, California.  I always enjoy the displays there and they have fabulous art books.