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SHOREBIRDS – My photography with information about my favorite shorebirds.  A simple handmade book with small page inserts.  Sea gulls, Willets, Snowy egrets, Osprey, Brandt and Double-Crested Cormorants, Black Skimmers, Terns & more!  

WITH EVERY TIDE, A SEA CHANGE – October Pacific Beach


Every tide brings a new landscape, a new beach environment to marvel at & to enjoy.  This month of October brought a super moon & the low tides became minus low tides, which exposed the tide pool rocks.  It was fun to see the round tide pool rocks surrounded by living black turban shells clustered in a circle trying to hide from the sun until the tide returned.  Even on a perfectly smooth round rock, they seem to find a way to create a ledge of shade.  The sea gulls like to perch on the exposed rocks & they look like they are standing on miniature private islands.  The super moon has also caused very high tides, too.  The beach has all sorts of interesting things washed up.  A clump of pink barnacles catches my attention as well as other artfully arranged sea shells & sea weeds.  As I stroll along, I photograph this “sea art”.  It seems as if the ocean often creates these “messages” to be “read” by anyone taking the time to look.  A cobblestone rock has surf grass steaming away from the retreating tide, which makes me think of the sea telling me to “go with the flow”.  Art by-the-sea.  Wisdom from nature.  It is a sacred place by the sea.  Every single tide creates a different coastal environment to experience & marvel at.  Sometimes after high surf, the beach is covered with huge clumps of seaweed, but other times a receding minus tide will expose reef rocks & give a larger view of the hidden tide pools here.  This week a minus tide left a wide open flat beach with a sheen of sea water on it, which created a perfect mirror for the amber sand stone bluffs to be reflected in.  Beauty is everywhere here & it captivates me every single time.  I feel this beauty entering the pores of my skin, I breathe this beauty in.  I carry this beauty in my heart.  Continue reading


March 2016 - PB An Artist Journal By the Sea W

Even a few inches of rain in San Diego this winter brings vistas of Wild Sunflowers growing all along the edge of the marsh at Mission Bay.  The yellow flower fields contrast nicely against the marsh, which has turned greener from the rains, too.  Years of drought have finally passed & the wild flowers are returning with a vengeance as if nature is drunk on the water sinking into her earth.  Purple finches hop from branch to branch chirping happily in the thicket of flowers which have sprung up.  Doves seem to be everywhere now, too.  I hear them softly coo-cooing all day long.  Continue reading