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“PEN PLAY” at San Diego calligraphy group was such fun!  We were given all the materials, created pen stroke calligraphic animals, practiced the NEULAND alphabet and a few other fun things.  I decorated my folder with a calligraphic lion and vintage postage stamps.  

Calligraphic Designs – Seashore Theme

CALLIGRAPHIC DESIGNS – SEASHORE THEME – Such fun to trace some of my cardboard templates, which I seem to find endless uses for, & to create some calligraphic designs!


BUTTERFLY BOOKS STITCHED & READY TO FLY INTO YOUR HANDS TO CELEBRATE SPRING!  A page from my Handmade Books Art Journal shows details of how to make these little books.  I used watercolor paper for the front & back of the butterfly & hand painted them.  Each butterfly book has different kinds of paper “pages”.  The yellow butterfly has gelli paper printed with metallic ink pages.  The orange Monarch butterfly has pages created from a coastal California map where this butterfly migrates.  The blue butterfly pages are made of colored tissue paper & tulle netting.  Using a cereal box, I made a cardboard template of the butterfly to cut them out, but each butterfly is handpainted!  Hope you are inspired to make your own Spring butterfly books!