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ATTENDING ARTIST’S LECTURES CAN BE SO INSPIRING TO MY ART so I take notes at these lectures to remind myself of their inspirations, thoughts & instructions.  It is especially nice to get the artist’s business card to add to the note page.  Some of the artists have really wonderful cards.  Helen Shafer Garcia’s card makes me think of a tarot card.  Portia La Touche’s tiny business card with her award-winning white birch tree painting on it is lovely.  Bhavna Mehta’s announcement cards for her 2014 San Diego Art Prize Recipient award at The Athenaeum and her Paper Pattern Story at the Oceanside Art Museum are a nice addition.  I usually embellish the plain white pages with bits of paper to jazz them up, too.  For an upcoming art lecture by Seth Apter of The Altered Page, I decided to insert my own altered collage page to start the lecture notes off with a pop of color & pattern.  My feeling is that notebooks to take and keep notes in don’t have to be boring and if it is fun to look at, I will go back and actually read and use the notes!