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5 - May 2016 La Jolla W

Birds, birds, birds.  Everywhere I look right now on the coast in La Jolla, there are birds! 

The bluffs are filled with Cormorant nests & some chicks there have arrived! The chicks that are just starting to get big have downy black feathers, which are like black velvet.  When the chicks sit up now to beg for food, they are as tall as their parents.  Some of the Cormorant chicks are starting to get pin feathers & are already flapping their wings as if to say “I’m going to fly, I’m going to fly!”  Some of the late breeding Cormorants are still building their beautiful sea weed nests, but the Cormorant breeding season here is in full swing.  I spot some fledged Cormorants sitting on the bluff now.  They are easy to spot because their shiny black feathers are pristine like a brand new black car, these Cormorants have not experienced much of life yet, but they are launching themselves into the air & below the sea to fish now.  Continue reading