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PART OF LEARNING CALLIGRAPHY IS TO PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  It used to be that you could practice your calligraphy addressing letters, writing out bills/checks, etc.  Now with email, social media and on-line/automatic payments, it can be a bit harder to find a way to practice your new calligraphy skills.  Here’s an idea!  Cut out some favorite photos from magazines and glue them to notebook paper.  Write some words underneath the photo to inspire you to practice your calligraphy.  By the time you fill up a few pages with these inspirational words, it is likely you will be writing almost the entire alphabet.  Another idea might be to glue small magazine pictures to blank cards & write your practice calligraphy words below.  Voila’ you have practiced your calligraphy & have a greeting card to send to a friend!  Write on!

October  2014 Art Journal Page 118 WATERMARK

2014 WATER COLOR ART JOURNAL – End of September & Beginning of October –  A friend’s mother filed out the dings in my bone folder!  I didn’t even know this could be done & really like the size of this bone folder, which I keep on my art table.  

I made my favorite cooler weather breakfast dish – brown rice, sauteed apples with loads of cinnamon topped with an over-hard fried egg.  Yum.  The sweet opossum still shows up every night hoping I will have forgotten to take the cat chow inside.  

I follow Studio Touya (a Japanese ceramics studio)  & they made 2 ceramic goats, which are based on a Japanese folk song.  Researching the song I discovered that the children’s song is about a white & black goat who each send a letter to the other goat who promptly eats the letter without reading.  I love that the lyrics of the song state “sing forever”!  https://www.facebook.com/StudioTouya

Thinking about creative inspiration lately & how one glimpse of an idea to create art, spirals out into all kinds of projects – like when a stone is thrown into a pond & the ripples just go on & on.  I hope you have a moment of inspiration today that will fill the coming days with creative joy!