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PASSAGES & PORTALS:  A WOMAN’S JOURNEY – Handmade book, crown binding so that book opens fully into a “star”. Watercolor pages, rice paper flowers, German Dresden decorations.  

Each woman holds a banner stating “I am” under a portal of “Nurturing”, “Creative”, “Beautiful”, “Strong”, etc.  On the final page, the woman holds a banner that says “I am enough”.  As a woman of a “certain age”, I look back over the course of my life & realize that I thought I was never enough.  Never thin enough, never pretty enough, never good enough, never, never.  Now I realize that in fact, I always was enough in every stage of my life.  If only I had known.  We are enough.  We always were.

This book will be a San Diego Book Arts exhibit in the “Cherchez La Femme – Look for the Woman” exhibit at the Women’s Museaum, Liberty Station in San Diego, California from October 1 – November 1, 2015.