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Year of the Monkey – Japanese brush paintings

Happy New Year of the Monkey!  Some of these are Japanese brush paintings on rice paper & a few are Japanese Etegami postcards to send to friends!  It should be a wonderful year full of delightful Monkey antics!


Etegami Monkey Japan figure 1-2016 W

JAPANESE GOOD LUCK MONKEY – Painted on an Etegami postcard.  


Cat etegami postcard with stamp 11-2014 WATERMARKSUMI CAT – i have been feeding a black feral cat for 7 years now & his name is Sumi Cat because he has black fur, which is like the black Sumi ink I paint with.  I’ve been having fun painting Sumi cats lately.

Cat painting marathon 11-2014 WATERMARKPainting the Sumi cats is kind of addictive as each one is completely different!

I added 2 signature chops to each cat painting.  A small one of my Sensei name, Ryu-Nan, & a large Maneki Neko stamp that my friend, Harumi, sent me from Japan.  The Maneki Neko stamp is a 2″ high porcelain cat with the stamp on the bottom & is very cute.  I turned these Sumi cats into lucky cats on red paper.  I think they are lucky cards because I hope that anyone receiving one of these kitties would feel lucky!  I also think my feral cat, Sumi Cat, would be pleased to know he inspired these cards!