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January 2016 Art Journal - Page 2

THE SEA IS CALLING & I MUST GO – January in Pacific Beach brings a season of sunsets that breathe with life.  Sometimes I arrive just as the orange sun is sinking through a view of Torrey Pine trees, but I mostly arrive to walk on the beach before sunset.  January winds bring out the tribes of windsurfers who seem to almost fly as they ride the waves.  Winter sunsets in San Diego can be stunning if the sky is filled with clouds.  One afternoon I arrived before sunset to a cloud-filled sky with a hidden sun, which turned the landscape a shimmering silver.  The air around me seemed to be vibrating with silver rays of light.  The January beach has little sand from King tide waves & there are millions of cobblestones that rattle & rumble in the low-tide waves lapping the shore.  Ring-billed gulls have migrated here & they accompany me on my walk with their beautiful polka-dotted tail feathers.  A frog sea shell has washed up & the beach is filled with seaweeds strewn in beautiful designs & patterns.  A seaweed frond has been left by the sea in a heart shape & I think to myself, yes, my heart belongs to the sea.  Later the sunset turns from silver to gold as the sun streams out rays of golden light.  Looking behind me, the palm trees are lit up to golden amber.  Tonight’s sunset brought jewels of silver, gold & amber.  We are all rich when we live with an awareness of nature.  The sun hangs forever at the horizon and the day’s end lingers.  I linger, too not wanting to forget these moments of beauty.  Going home the sky in the east surprises me with another moment of sunset as the sky is lit up bright pink.  I sigh at the beauty of this earth & go home with a heart filled with sunset dreams & gratefulness.