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PELICANS – Handmade Book with my photos

HANDMADE BOOK OF CALIFORNIA BROWN PELICANS – Using my pelican photographs & watercolor pelican illustrations, I created this handmade book.  A glimpse into the beauty & magic of these ancient, sacred birds.

FLAMINGO – FLAMENCO – Handmade Book with Photos

AMUSING MYSELF MAKING HANDMADE BOOKS USING MY FLAMINGO PHOTOS FROM THE SAN DIEGO ZOO & SOME SMALL WATERCOLORS OF THEIR PINK GORGEOUSNESS!  Handmade book, Flamingo Flamenco, using my photographs from the San Diego Zoo & small watercolors. (Flamenco means “fire” in Spanish!) Lovely ballerina birds in pink tutus!

THE MOON VIEWING PARTY – An Illustrated Fable in a Handmade Book

O moon, why must you inspire my neighbor to chirp all night on a flute! — Koyo

The huge orange Harvest moon rose over the old majestic forest.  An owl softly hooted at the top of a tall Cypress tree and then silently spread his wings and glided over the shimmering pampas grass, which swayed slightly in the light breeze.  Frogs thrummed out their frog songs in chorus in the quiet night. Continue reading