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HANDMADE BOOK BINDING USING A CHOP STICK & A RUBBER BAND!  This is such a quick, easy and clever binding, which can use popsicle sticks, twigs, pencils, old paintbrushes and in this case, a chop stick!  Directions:  Punch 2 holes in stiff (water color) paper, insert one end of the rubber band from the back to the top and insert the chop stick.  On the book back, stretch the rubber band, insert through the 2nd hole to the book front and insert the other end of the chop stick.  Voila!  You have bound a book using this easy method.  I decorated my “book/card” with Asian motifs, added some drawings with water color paints and then glued the chop stick paper holder to the back of the “book/card”.  Helpful hints:  Use stiff paper, a long rubber band and score the pages about 1″ in so the “book/card” pages open and turn easily.

“PATTERN IDEAS” – Handmade book filled with sketches

“PATTERN IDEAS” – Small handmade books filled with tiny magazine photos with sketches of the patterns these photos inspire.  Creating this project has inspired me to sketch almost nonstop and it’s wonderful inspiration for future designs in my art.  I also love that this project can be done on a clipboard on my lap and is very portable to enable me to sketch on the road!


SHOREBIRDS – My photography with information about my favorite shorebirds.  A simple handmade book with small page inserts.  Sea gulls, Willets, Snowy egrets, Osprey, Brandt and Double-Crested Cormorants, Black Skimmers, Terns & more!