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May 2014 Art Journal - Page 63 WATERMARK

2014 ART JOURNAL – The weather has finally gone from 96 degrees at the beach to San Diego’s “normal” May Gray.  I’ve never been so happy to see the coastal fog come rolling in & have the weather cool down to 68 degrees.  This week spent on the coast was spent watching all the sea gulls now sitting on their nests, the Cormorant chicks being as big as their mothers, pelicans bathing in the sea, sea lions finding a spot to sleep on the bluff crevices & watching a gorgeous speckled Harbor seal.

I have to admit that I have my favorite seals in this colony of 300 seals.  Here’s the one I focused on this week.  I was lucky enough to get a lot of wonderful photos of this beauty!

(I even published a few of these photos in a book I had made at Shutterfly so I can look at this seal all the time without my computer.  It’s so much fun to have a book of my photos.)


It’s hard not to think that this seal doesn’t know that I’m like a paparazzi fawning all over him, caressing him with my camera lens over & over.  How could I resist?  His yoga stretching just makes him look even more gorgeous.  I love how he curls & uncurls his tail & the markings on his front flippers are just so wonderful. 

White seal with black spots 5-17-2014 - 28 WATERMARK

But don’t let that feline Harbor seal beauty fool you.  What big teeth you have my dear!  Yawning exposes all those choppers that feed him squid, octopus & fish.  No wonder he can chew rubbery octopus for his dinner!

I’m no “little red riding hood” approaching the big bad Harbor seal no matter how darling he is.  I’ve seen those mighty choppers up close.

White seal with black spots 5-20-2014 - 5 WATERMARK


Look at that little pink tongue!  Why of why, do my friends not love these seals like I do?  How can they resist?

Time to move up the beach & find a special spot with the others in the seal colony to take a well deserved snooze.  Doesn’t he look so cuddly here?

White seal with black spots 5-17-2014 - 36 WATERMARK


I think I’ll go home & take a nap & dream of being a harbor seal!  Ah, this life of mine as an artist by-the-sea.  Sometimes I think I’m dreaming, but I’m awake.  Happy me.  Lucky me.  Silly me.  Yes, it’s time for a nap!