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HAND-CARVED RUBBER STAMPS MADE INTO POSTCARDS – I hand-carved these rubber stamps to look like woodblock prints, stamped them & then hand water-colored them.  I mailed the postcards to myself to make sure they would survive the USPS postage machines.  This series of greeting cards are made in such a way that the postcards are only temporarily attached!  These are embroidery floss stitches or photo corners on the cards to hold the postcards in place, but then I can remove them to see the lovely sea shell postage stamps & the message!  Some of the cards are also embellished with tiny sea shells, sequins and starfish or shell beads, too!  I entered these cards into a summer theme competition at my greeting card group & will use the post cards in a collaborative art project with San Diego Book Arts.  It’s fun to create something like the hand-carved rubber stamps & then see how many ways I can use them!  


Whale Watching October 2015 W

SAN DIEGO WHALE WATCHING – Each year I go whale watching to celebrate my birthday.  This year was really special.  A humpback whale breeched more than 20 times & then did fin slapping over & over.  Flying fish took off from the water, sea lions barked & 2 California Brown Pelicans sat on the bow of our boat before we left the dock.  Sail boats went by & a fishing boat going out to sea was followed by hundreds of gulls & pelicans.  An entire flock of cormorants floated alongside our boat.  It was a lovely day!

HARBOR SEAL MOTHER & PUP – La Jolla, California

HARBOR SEALS – MOTHER & PUP and TWO PUPS SWIMMING TOGETHER – La Jolla, California – Pupping Season 2012  – The affection that Harbor Seal Mothers show their babies and the playfulness of the pups together is a joy to observe.  Being able to see them swimming in the crystal clear waters of La Jolla, California has created a desire in me to be able to see more of underwater life.  Since I am not a scuba diver, I did the next best thing – I went to the San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition. Continue reading