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A SCURRY OF SQUIRRELS! – Japanese brush painting

“A Scurry of Squirrels” – Japanese brush painting


COLOPHONS WRITTEN AT THE BACK OF A HANDMADE BOOK ARE USED FOR EXPLANATION OF THE KINDS OF MATERIALS USED TO MAKE THE BOOK.  In published books Colophons list the typeface.  In handmade books the Colophon lists the type of papers used to make the book, the bookbinding technique, pen types, paint mediums & even extra embellishments that may have been included in the book.  The Colophon page shown here is from my “The Moon Viewing Party” handmade book, which I created after taking a writing and illustration workshop at The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library.  The print of the Mt. Fuji painting shows Mt. Fuji during the autumn when the moon is fullest.

Peacock Magic Greeting Cards


“Peacock Magic” – Photo Greeting Cards of peacocks & a peacock painting/collage art of mine.  We all love peacock’s beauty – the magic shimmer of their feathers & the fan that is displayed when they open their tail all captivate our imagination like they are a creature from an Arabian Nights fairy tale. 

These peacock photographs were shot at the San Diego Zoo where wild peacocks walk the trails with visitors.  “Peacock Jewel Tapestry” is a Japanese brush painting with gelli prints and a watercolor background all collaged together to create layers of beauty & magic. 

These “Peacock Magic” greeting cards are perfect to use for any occasion.  The inside of the cards are blank and each card back is hand-stamped with either a dolphin or pelican motif, which has been hand-carved & printed by Nancy Lee Artist By-the-Sea.  Each card is 6 ½” x 5” with a 6” x 4” photo.  These cards could also be easily framed to give as gifts or display in your home!

A set of six cards costs $20 plus shipping & handling.  At this time, these cards are only available for purchase direct from the artist on Etsy.