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SUMMER BRINGS BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS ON THE JOSHUA TREE AT LA JOLLA COVE.  The blooms are high up & many visitors walk right underneath them never even seeing them.  The waxy flowers with a tinge of green in the center on a gigantic flower stalk are stunning.  Take a moment to enjoy the beauty around us.


SURFING SEA LIONS –  Surfing sea lions simply bring me such great joy.  I could simply weep with happiness as I watch them frolic in the sea.  

La Jolla & Wild Flower Heaven – Oxeye Daisies!

LA JOLLA IS A SEA OF WILD FLOWERS BLOOMING AFTER WINTER RAINS – Oxeye Daisies, known as field daisy, marguerite, midsummer daisy or moon flowers are blooming everywhere.  The normally barren bluffs are filled with a sea of white loveliness.  I carry this beauty in my heart.