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LA JOLLA LANDSCAPES & SUNSETS – Handmade book with photos

LOVELY & BREATHTAKING LA JOLLA LANDSCAPES & SUNSETS – Moments of beauty that is unforgettable & leaves us in awe.  Handmade book with my photos. 


Meanwhile over at the sea lion colony, it’s like a “Summer Day Spa” as they lie on the sand across the beach, all that’s missing is beach umbrellas!  The sea lions snooze as they sunbathe under the hot sun all the while wearing their fur coats!  When they get too hot though the sea is only a few steps away to take a dip.  Some of the young male sea lions practice not only cool off, but spend time practicing their sparring in the shallow waves.  “The Beast” who is quite sandy and clearly exhausted is stretched out in the sun.  He is apparently too tired to run down the beach and chase the young males away.  Instead he raises his head up a bit, gives a half-hearted bark and then immediately goes back to sleep.  It is enough for “The Beast” to even do this because the young males move away.  In the “kiddie pool” the two-month old sea lion pups cavort together delightfully.  A designated “baby sitter” lets out a yawn either bored or simply ready to take a nap.  The sea lion pups, of course, seem to have endless energy and play and play.  Occasionally a pup will break away to find his mom on the beach & have lunch!  Summer with the sea lions is such a delight!




 A flock of surfers congregate offshore bobbing up & down waiting for non-existent waves.  Pre-teens try to skip cobblestones at the wave’s edge.  Tiny children joyously slip off their sandals & run back and forth on the sand while their adoring parents smile.  A group of young people stand together on an old log with arms clasped, laughing while a photo is taken to commemorate this summer night.  Their zest for life is contagious.  How can they know at this tender young age, that these are the moments they will never forget?  Dogs are brought to the beach to meet & greet each other on their evening walk while owners nod hello.  Couples sitting close together murmur to each other cementing their relationship in a closed circle of two even while in a crowd.  Two young men sit on the sand sharing thoughts & unspoken hopes and dreams.  Surfers still arrive to the beach, late from work, but hoping for waves.  They join their tribe commiserating that there is no surf.  The parking lot, half-empty when I arrived, is full now with the daily migration to see the sunset & to mark the end of this summer’s day.  The summer sun has made its journey north and now sets right off “The Point”.  Silver, shining light shimmers on the horizon and reflects brightly on the gently moving sea lapping the shore.   The moment has arrived & the sun becomes an orange globe filling the sky and our eyes with pure living light & color.  Our hearts lighten just a bit, just now, here in this moment at the end of this lovely summer’s day.