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Collage - Aquatic Large Detail 6-5-2014 WATERMARKI painted this watercolor/illustration pseudo art journal page especially for a collage that I created to look like the top of my art studio table.  This collage page shows the things I love about my life as an artist by-the-sea.  California pelicans, harbor seals, sea lions, cormorants, blue & gray whales, the landscapes by-the-sea, sea shells & the tides which change according to the moon.  Just love this life of mine by-the-sea.



Artist By-the-Sea 2 - 6-2014 WATERMARKThis collage combines watercolors, Japanese brush painting & my photography.  It reminds me of how my artist work table often looks.  A work of love painted from the heart by an artist by-the-sea.



Mussell Shell 2011 WATERMARK

I spend lots of time drawing things I love.  At the top of that list are sea shells.  (Now I’m thinking I should make a Top 10 list of the things I like to draw & paint!)  This Mussel sea shell painting is from my Nature & Botanical Art Journal 2011.

For a while I wanted to take every single mussel shell home with me because the iridescent nacre that lines the inside of the shell seems like a rainbow from the sea.  The inside of the shell varies in color from silvery white, to pink, red and green-red, & very deep blues, greens and purples.  The iridescence is particularly beautiful when the shell has just washed up and is still wet or is in the shallow water of a tide pool.  The most beautiful “jewelry” in the world to me.

The coveted Abalone shell is the one who gets all the attention, but the lowly Mussel shell has the same iridescent beauty inside, too.  Now I’m thinking about how society recognizes a certain kind of beauty in people, all the while overlooking the fact that there is beauty inside all of us, if only we take the time to look.

Maybe when I’m searching for Mussel sea shells & am so delighted at seeing their beauty, I’m really searching for & finding the beauty in myself.

Mussels & limpets live together in harmony on the rocks.  I love the cobalt blue exterior of the mussel shell.

Winter tides often bring in giant clumps of sea weeds with mussel shells tangled up in them.  I always think the shells with barnacles growing on them are so fascinating.  I love the bright pink of the acorn barnacles against the deep cobalt blue exterior of the mussel shell.  Lovely.   Lately I’m realizing that my passion for all things blue & white reflects the many blues of the sea & sky.  The sea is in my blood.  I am a salt-water artist by-the-sea.

Mussells and waves