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SAN DIEGO NATIVE WILD FLOWERS – A series of watercolor botanical & landscape illustrations of the wild flowers that bloomed all over the coast after a wonderful winter rainy season that ended a 10-year drought.  I spent a few weeks driving up and down the coast photographing all the wild flowers blooming.  My latest addition is the blooming Prickly Pear Cactus, but it all started with the clouds of Wild Mustard flowers taking over the bluffs & lagoons.  I carry this beauty in my heart.


INDIAN BLANKET FLOWERS ARE A MEMBER OF THE SUNFLOWER FAMILY.  In 2010 I found a yard where a woman had planted wild flower seeds.  I went back every day for weeks photographing the flowers & drawing them plein air.  There were bumble bees accompanying me & I was dizzy with the beauty.  The next year weeds took over the wild flowers & they were all mowed down.  I have checked each year since then & the beauty of this experience was a one-time only one, but it will always live on in my memory & in my Nature & Botanical Sketchbook for 2010.  Recently I spotted these Indian Blanket flowers in someone else’s yard & I was delighted to see my friends return elsewhere.


Octopus Happy New Year 12-31-2014 WATERMARKWISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I kind of think that this octopus is using the sea shells like noisemakers to celebrate the New Year under the sea!