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Lily flowers in a pond float like pretty colored birthday cake flowers.

Magical blooms of nature from a water plant with its roots bound deep in mud.

The leaf green lily pads float becoming perches for frogs & toads who sing in the night.

In the sunlit water morning koi fish jewels flash deep & then surface for a look at the day.

Dragonflies zoom by, leaving iridescent color trails sparkling in my mind’s eye.

This is joy.  Not flash in the pan happiness, but deep-seated, lasting joy. 

Of being alive in this life, of knowing that I am part & parcel of it all. 

The glittering magic, the deep swimming sea, the song of life. 

The water flowers bloom with the magic of a thousand years of the continuation of life. 

The earth is filled with joy.

Joy. Joy. Joy.  Happy Birthday to me.  I hear the singing of the earth.