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The December full moon is called the Long Night’s Full Moon because midwinter nights are at their longest and darkest and the full moon is seen above the horizon for a long time. The midwinter full moon has a high trajectory across the sky because at this time the sun is low in the sky.
December full moon is also known as the Full Moon before Yule, thus I have illustrated this moon with a huge bonfire on a Yule log. And this moon is also known as the Full Cold Moon, too.
On Sunday, December 3, 2017, this full moon is also the year’s one and only full supermoon. This December moon comes close enough to Earth (222,443 miles or 357,987 km) to enjoy supermoon status. This makes the full moon look extra close and extra bright.


I’ve been pricing items to sell at my craft fairs and have some thoughts about why this is so difficult.
1. I am not “just making back the cost of my supplies” so I can have bragging rights about how much stuff I sell.
2. If an artist is selling their items and not worrying about profit, then it is not a business, it is a hobby. Hobbies are fine, but if you undercut those who are trying to make a living, then maybe you need to rethink what you are doing to your fellow (women) artists.
3. Figuring out how much it costs to make an item for sale to figure out how to price it is only a starting point of pricing. Factoring in the time it took to create the art is a consideration, but in reality part of what you are paying an artist for is their talent, the gift they have of putting that talent into a piece of art that you love.
4. It is important for people to remember when looking at a piece of artwork Made in America, that we cannot compete with handmade objects made in third-world countries by very poor people who are taken advantage of. When you Buy American made things from an artist/crafts person, our standard of living is not in a third world country and you are helping to support the American dream of buying from a small business person.
5. We are grateful for every single purchase because that purchase is helping us to continue to create art and to follow our dream of having our small business survive!


I BLAME IT ALL ON THE RENOIR EXHIBIT AT THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM ART’S 2010 EXHIBIT OF RENOIR PAINTINGS.  The gift shop had an amazing display of gossamer scarves & I wanted to take everyone of them home with me & wear them always to remind me of the beauty of seeing the world through Renoir’s eyes.  Of course, I didn’t even get one scarf so to fill the void I starting collecting scarves at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s & good old thrift shops where scarf beauties hung on racks calling out to me to take them home with them.  Sigh.  Fast forward to my closet all these years later & you can only imagine all the scarves I own.  Have I ever worn them?  Sometimes and usually they make me sneeze from the dust they collect hanging around in my closet!  So today I pulled them all out.  Scarves made of silks & linens, embellished with sequins, pom poms, & lovely tassels.  Scarves of turquoise, aqua, blues & purples.  Scarves from India sheer & diaphanous, embroidered with elephants.  Scarves that really are dreams of the kind of life I dreamed of living.  They are not just lovely strips of fabric.  They are dreams of romance, of beauty, of a kind of elegant life I simply don’t lead.  Sigh.  I filled up a grocery bag to go back to the thrift store, but I need to let go of more.  Also I’ve now been reminded that all of these scarves state Dry Clean Only.  I’m hand washing those I want to keep.   It may be just the motivation I need to give more away!