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RAINY DAY IN SAN DIEGO – December 2014 Art Journal

December 2014 Art Journal - Page 142 WATERMARK

POURING RAIN MID-DECEMBER – Real rain for 2 days after a 10-year drought.  How could I bear to stay inside hiding from this Pineapple Express storm blown in from Hawaii?  I throw on a raincoat, grab an umbrella & I’m out the door!  Huge surf at the La Jolla Cove has driven the sea lions up to the top of the bluff & they are snoozing right on the other side of the gate.  My friend Roxy, a volunteer who rescues sick and injured sea lions & seals shows up, too & we giggle & laugh.  Lovely rain.  No one really there.  Even the flock of sea gulls huddle together on the ground in the ocean-view park, clearly grounded for the day.  I continue to walk with my umbrella and a runner going by stops & says “I see you here all the time, you’re a really dedicated walker.”  I laugh.  Little does he know that I’m no athlete, just someone who loves the wild life at the Cove!  By this time, I’m so wet it’s just impossible to get wetter & my feet are numb because my slip on sneakers are filled with water, too.  Maybe it’s time to go.  Stopping in Pacific Beach I spot a waterfall pouring down the bluff from between the million dollar homes & the street run off into the ocean is a roaring, gushing deluge.   A few workers in yellow slickers are there to get samples to test the water for pollution.  We all marvel at the run off.  Not seeing rain for so many years means that today we just delight in the heavens opening up.  I walk on the beach for a few minutes with the shorebirds & take photos of the patterns in the sand left by the tides.  Driving home I see many dead palm fronds littering the streets, even covering one car, because the rain and wind has naturally trimmed the palm trees.   A bright spot in this gray day is the blooming orange, red & yellow succulent flowers.   Coming into my home, I shed my raincoat, umbrella & shoes & put them in front of the wall heater to dry.  I change into sweats.  There’s a big grin on my face.  Ah, the rain, the rain, the rain!

2014 Art Journal – Mid December