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Collage birthday card for a friend who loves red poppies! The poppy flower heads were painted on rice paper using Japanese brush painting technique.  The flower stems & leaves, the earth & the butterfly/lion are handmade papers made in India.  The strips of paper on the side are one of my old Japanese brush paintings cut up.  The envelope matches the Poppy flower theme!  


POP-UP ORIGAMI GREETING CARD – This card has a twisting motion that is so amazing to see!  When you open the card a 4-panel folded card twists horizontal from the card and opens up!  When the card is closed, the 4 panels twist to become vertical and flat so the card can close flat!  Pretty amazing eh?!  I wrote down instructions with measurements and all so you can make your own.  The “pop-up” mechanism is simply made up of mountain and valley folds and then folds down to become a house shape.  The paper with the 4 panels is then glued to the pop-up mechanism and voila!  A magic card that you made yourself!  I decorated my card with leaf prints made by rubber stamping real leaves & then water coloring them.  An Ode to Autumn!


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!  These woven valentine “baskets” have been around for ages.  They are a design fron Denmark and I remember making them as a child.  This year I made them with printed paper & red paper to give them a different look.  They have to be woven in a loop method – put one loop thru another loop and then put the loop around the next loop.  If you do it just right, you get a basket that opens & you can tuck a little note in!  Add a handmade envelope with 2 hearts stitched on & loop some embroidery floss around the hearts to close the envelope.  Voila!  Sweet little Valentines for those you love!