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As an artist participating in Bhavna Mehta’s Paper Pattern workshop, I started out thinking of patterns in my daily life such as tea cups lined up on a shelf, Mexican tile patterns by my kitchen sink or the designs in a quilt on my bed.  As the workshops progressed, I thought more of the patterns in nature —black Cormorants sitting in a flock on the bluff, the sand patterns made on the beach by the retreating waves & the patterns of fallen flower petals in the crevices of a brick walkway.  I realized that when the wind blew the flower petals, they swirled into circles & became a moving pattern.  I began to think of patterns while watching the dolphins swimming by, the squadron of pelicans soaring only inches from the tops of the waves, a group of gray whales pink spouts in the distance at sunset. I realized the patterns in my daily life are moving, flowing all around me like candles floating on a river of life.  It occurred to me that the patterns are not around me, but that indeed I am part of the pattern, the flow of life.  As another season of Yellow Bell Trees bloom, sea gull chicks hatch & then will fledge, I realize we are all moving through the daily patterns of our lives, but that we are all part of each other’s daily patterns of life, too.  When the herd of deer leaps joyously through the forest, when the seals sleep wrapped in seaweed in a lullaby of gentle waves, the world is turning, everything is moving, moving.  The patterns of my daily life occur on the moving, living breathing planet Earth.  I am like a fish in a school of other fish swimming, swimming in the sea of life.  The veil pulls back and the truth is revealed that none of our daily life patterns are static, but that we are all flowing together on this wondrous journey of the pattern of life.     


THE REPETITIVE PATTERN OF HARBOR SEAL TRACKS IN THE SAND could inspire embroidery on a neckline or could be hammered into a silver necklace I could wear to remind me of the beauty of these wonderful creatures-of-the-sea.  Just lovely.