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FLOWERS One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is that flower bouquets are on every corner.  To me, flowers are beautiful unspoken poems about the harmony & beauty of the natural world & an assurance that Nature is perfect & joyous.

Flower Heart 2-2014I think this heart-shaped flower arrangement is a wonderful homage to my love for flowers.  Heart motifs are lovely & timeless.

Adelaides Florist Patio 2-2014 Adelaides Florist La Jolla 2-2014Adelaide’s is a florist in La Jolla, California, which is known for their artistic floral arrangements.  The outside patio area is filled with buckets of flowers arranged by colors.  You can buy one flower or a bouquet.  This year Adelaide’s displayed the floral arrangements you can order, posted the prices! and gave them clever names.  The commercialism of Valentine’s Day, taking beautiful flowers and making them into a product to buy someone’s love.  Even the live tulips were not exempt from marketing their beauty.

Valentine's Card Buying 2-2014 The cards are picked over, the chocolates consumed, the flower bouquets given & hopefully love has been kindled or re-united.  I hope the flowers lives were not given in vain.  I know that I am returning to the garden where the flowers thrive among the bees & butterflies!