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Before the sunset there is already a light-filled cloudy sky.  

It is a silver goodness of hope.  The silver lining of life.  

The palm trees behind me are lit up by the golden setting sun.  They become amber beacons of light.   

The sun lingers at the horizon seeming to not want this day, this moment to end.  This day has been a gift.  Unwrapped & delighted in. 

The sun slips into the horizon with a pink & lavender memory of this day.  The sunset light streams out into our dreams.


EVERY SINGLE DAY IN LA JOLLA HAS MOMENTS OF BEAUTY.   It is winter in San Diego & this year we have rain storms & huge waves caused by El Nino.  I watch two sea lions coming up onto the beach at the Cove to rest.  At Casa Beach, the Harbor seals rest on the shore & the sky above is filled with indigo storm clouds & an aqua sea.  A heart-shaped cloud floats above.  In the evening the sun sets & Torrey Pine trees frame an ocean sunset view.  As I leave, the sky in the east is lit up in brilliant pink hues sending me home with sunset dreams.  Earlier in the day, I found a stone on the beach surrounded by sand patterns created by the retreating tide.  My grateful heart is rooted in the beauty of the sea.  Everyday.  Everyday.