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Handmade book using my Peacock photos taken at the San Diego Zoo & prints of a few of my peacock paintings. Pages decorated with snippets of Gelli flower prints. Cover is lovely India paper. Peacocks carrying their tails like bridal trains, wearing fascinator feather hats – what female peahen wouldn’t swoon?

FLAMINGO – FLAMENCO – Handmade Book with Photos

AMUSING MYSELF MAKING HANDMADE BOOKS USING MY FLAMINGO PHOTOS FROM THE SAN DIEGO ZOO & SOME SMALL WATERCOLORS OF THEIR PINK GORGEOUSNESS!  Handmade book, Flamingo Flamenco, using my photographs from the San Diego Zoo & small watercolors. (Flamenco means “fire” in Spanish!) Lovely ballerina birds in pink tutus!

SAN DIEGO ZOO – Tigers, Flamingos, Pandas & Peacocks Oh My!

Tigers, Peacocks, Flamingos & Pandas – Oh My!  Such beauty at the San Diego Zoo.  It was wonderful spending time with some of the volunteers there, too.  I was happily surprised at all the education given to visitors there now.  The educational exhibits are wonderful and some are interactive, too.  Sometimes the animals couldn’t be seen because the foliage in their enclosures gives them the opportunity to stay out of sight.  Really the San Diego Zoo is evolving in the right direction!