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6 - June in La Jolla 2016 W

POLKA-DOTTED SEA GULL CHICKS ARRIVE!  La Jolla has become a breeding site now for the California Western Gulls.  I counted more than 30 seagull nests from the La Jolla Cove to South Casa Beach this June.  It is a rare treat to be able to see the sea gull chicks with their polka-dotted feathers and their huge feet.  It takes only a week before they start jumping up & down & flapping their wings as if to say “I can’t wait to fly!”  Both parents take care of the sea gull chicks so it is a real family environment.  The seagull parents must protect their chicks from marauding gulls who will try to steal the fish & tuna crabs that they regurgitate for their chicks to eat.  Continue reading