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Meanwhile over at the sea lion colony, it’s like a “Summer Day Spa” as they lie on the sand across the beach, all that’s missing is beach umbrellas!  The sea lions snooze as they sunbathe under the hot sun all the while wearing their fur coats!  When they get too hot though the sea is only a few steps away to take a dip.  Some of the young male sea lions practice not only cool off, but spend time practicing their sparring in the shallow waves.  “The Beast” who is quite sandy and clearly exhausted is stretched out in the sun.  He is apparently too tired to run down the beach and chase the young males away.  Instead he raises his head up a bit, gives a half-hearted bark and then immediately goes back to sleep.  It is enough for “The Beast” to even do this because the young males move away.  In the “kiddie pool” the two-month old sea lion pups cavort together delightfully.  A designated “baby sitter” lets out a yawn either bored or simply ready to take a nap.  The sea lion pups, of course, seem to have endless energy and play and play.  Occasionally a pup will break away to find his mom on the beach & have lunch!  Summer with the sea lions is such a delight!


EXTREMELY MINUS LOW TIDE EXPOSED ALL THE REEF ROCKS IN LA JOLLA.  I call one of these rocks “Mermaid’s Bed” & the other ones “Lily Pads”.  The sea lions love to sleep on the cushions of Emerald City-green surf grass.  Even a few Harbor seals joined them on Mermaid’s Bed this one afternoon!

SURFING SEA LIONS & THE 7 CAVES OF LA JOLLA – September 2016 Art Journal


I love the sea lions in La Jolla.  Trying to get away from people, the sea lions have moved over to the rocks in front of the Women’s Bridge Club building now.  This area of natural rocks is called “The Point” and is like a natural jetty that juts out between Boomer’s Beach & The La Jolla Cove.  Now that it is September I know that I can arrive early in the morning and be able to observe the sea lions living their lives peacefully until people arrive.  Where the rocks jut up against the seawall beds of green succulents with thick leaves seem to make a perfect mattress for the sea lions to sleep on.  I smile at the sight of a huge male sea lion sleeping spread-eagled with his flippers flopped open like angel wings.  An adorable beige colored juvenile sea lions is nestled into the succulent plants as he sleeps away into pleasant sea lion dreams.  The succulents have been rather trampled by the sea lions who weigh hundreds of pounds, but right now they sleep like they are on down-filled mattresses!  This is prime sleeping space!  I think there are about 100 sea lions here this morning.  The sea lions sleeping on bare rocks snuggle together using each other as a plump cushion to sleep on.  Sleep my little sea lions, sleep in as long as you can.  Soon enough the tide will change and big, wet, cold waves will splash onto them rudely waking them up, but right now they enjoy sleeping & I enjoy seeing them.  Continue reading