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A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells Reference Book

“A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells” is a reference book for Southern California sea shells.

I wrote “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells” after realizing that all the shell books I found were shells of the world or the South Pacific, but that there was no sea shell book about Southern California shells.  It took 3 1/2 years of researching the shells before I wrote this book.  I learned interesting and fun facts like mussels live 20 years and there is a silhouette of an owl inside a Giant Owl Limpet shell!  

I painted the watercolor illustrations of the shells from sea shells I found on San Diego beaches. The name of each shell and interesting information about each shell is added in calligraphy.  The illustrations share fun information as well as the names of the shell. In the back of the book are pages of photographs I took of sea shells.  


Using “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells”, the next time you pick up a shell on the beach you will be able to find out about the shell in your hand!   Take a moment and order your copy for the summer!



SAN DIEGO AUTUMN brings sunny days at the beach in October & a very pleasant 76 degrees.  With El Nino predicted to arrive this winter, the water temp is still 72 degrees.  Coming down the road to the beach in Pacific Beach, the ocean view makes my heart sing.  There is a pile of flip flops left at the ramp by people walking or surfing.  The wave sets are rolling in this morning & there are lots of surfers.  I walk to look at the shorebirds & the Marbled Godwits chatter at each other.  I find some sand art created by the tide that looks like a Phoenix Rising.  The sand art bird even has 3 toes on each bird foot!  I can’t stay away from the beach today so I return before sunset, but this time I’m in La Jolla.  One pelican sits in the amber light on the bluffs & a squadron of pelicans flies home over the green gazebo.  The high tide waves break up against the golden bluffs & the sky in the distance casts an interesting light.  I take a photo of the coast there near Shell Beach & it looks like an oil painting.  The sun sets.  We all sigh.  Life is lovely at the beach.


Shell Beach Landscape 5-2014 WATERMARKLITTLE GREEN GAZEBOS dot the walkways at the La Jolla Cove park.  On a hot summer day you can walk from gazebo to gazebo & seek refuge in the shade & enjoy the cooling ocean breezes.  You can see the harbor seals at Casa Beach with another little green gazebo in the distance in this practice painting.  I love this special area in San Diego & always enjoy walking in this beautiful landscape by-the-sea.

This Japanese brush painting was done with the intention of using it in a collage art piece.  It is painted on Chinese calligraphy practice paper.