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SUMMER VACATION – Sea Shells – Handmade Book

SUMMER VACATION – HANDMADE BOOK/ART JOURNAL – Using my sea shell photographs taken on the beach along with illustrations and information about the shells.  I imagine this book as an inspiration to go to the beach and “collect” shells by taking home their photos in their natural environment, researching their names (perhaps by using my book “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells” – sold on Amazon!) and doing sketches of the shells.  We can enjoy walks on the beach and protect our coastal environments.  I have seen beaches here in San Diego that 40 years ago had shells and today have none.  If we hope to have future generations enjoy seeing shells on the beach, then we must “Leave Nothing, Take Nothing”.  


A HUGE GARIBALDI FISH GOT TRAPPED IN A TIDE POOL UNTIL HIGH TIDE!  This particular reef has a tide pool shaped perfectly round with an indentation around it that is a shallow pool, which attracts lots of tiny shore crabs.  The Garibaldi fish swam around and around waiting impatiently for the high tide so he could escape.  The tiny shore crabs swarmed around the tide pool hole & the Harbor seals napped nearby.  When a Willet shore bird came by to catch the crabs, the crabs all scurried to the edge of the reef and tucked themselves into crevices.  Such is ocean life at La Jolla!  You can watch a video of the Garibaldi fish swimming at YouTube:  California By the Sea!


July 2014 Art Journal - Page 97 WATERMARKSAN DIEGO JULY weather has been crazy this year!  We’ve had actual thunder & lightning storms on the coast.  Beastie Cat is not impressed by rain & doesn’t like thunder at all.  The seagull chicks are all fledged now & soaring above with ease.  Shore crabs circled a tide pool as if they were dancing in a sea-fairy ring.  Sea lions posed elegantly on a rock at sunset & the raccoon stopped by to say hello!  Another wonderful week as an artist by-the-sea.